Direct Deposit

Convenient, reliable, secure, efficient, and flexible.

Used by 80% of all US companies, direct deposit is one of the least expensive and most popular employee benefits available. There are many benefits that accompany direct deposit. You never have to worry about signing checks and the inconvenience and responsibility of lost, stolen, or damaged payroll checks become a thing of the past. Also, bank reconciliation is much quicker and easier because deposit amounts can be reconciled on payday.

Direct deposit employees may split their pay into as many as four different bank accountants. For deposit confirmation, employees receive our direct deposit voucher that includes the same easy to read information as on our check stubs. It even shows how their money is split if multiple accounts are used. You may also choose to email your employees' voucher to their personal email account through our MyPayrollWeb Online Payroll Service.

  • Cut costs
  • Remove lost or stolen check incidents
  • Multiple account allocation
  • Eliminate time spent depositing paper checks
  • Easy-to-read vouchers with earnings and deduction statement
  • No more bank holidays or vacation disruptions
So no more long bank lines, "mad dashes" to deposit checks (possibly at your expense), lost or stolen checks, or high check cashing fees.

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